America’s tradition of outdoor barbequing has been around for over a half century, and during that time there have been many rained out events. If only they could have been indoors, but the danger of carbon monoxide from charcoal or gas combustion was too great.

The party can now continue with indoor electric barbeque grills. Electric bbq grills have no dangerous fumes, only the wonderful sizzle and smell of grilled meat. Rain or shine, day or night, any time is the right time to grill indoors with an electric grill.

Electric indoor grills are perfect for the apartment dweller with no patio or balcony. The set up easily on the counter or tabletop and can be stored away with the other pots and pans. They range in size from a single sandwich to a full rotisserie, and cost from twenty bucks up to over a thousand. Some electric stoves even have drop in grill sections, with downdraft exhaust to keep from setting off the smoke alarm.

Most of us are familiar with the common waffle iron, and even some of them have reversible inserts to turn it into a grill. Just as when you use a frying pan, it would be best to use the exhaust fan when using your indoor electric grill.

When looking for an indoor grill check for features, such as a grease pan, non-stick surfaces, cleaning instructions, and safety tips. Look at the size and shape of the grill surface to see if it will suit your needs. If you are single, and live in a studio apartment with a small kitchen, a small indoor grill may be the right size for you. You will not be grilling for a group beyond what you can get in your living space. If you are married with several children, and often entertain your extended family or many friends, you may need something much bigger. Also, keep in mind that a larger grill will use more energy than a small grill. All that empty space on the grill is just wasted energy heating up your kitchen.

Another thing to consider is how and where you will store an indoor electric grill. Whereas an outdoor grill may stay out on the patio, an inside grill will require some accommodation in your cabinets or other protected location.

Choose carefully, and have a great grilling season.